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"I spend 6 months a year covered in sweat, diesel fuel and oil to ensure that the other 6 months, I'm covered in mud, blood and feathers."

As a child, I grew up in Northwest Illinois where my father, uncles and grandfather taught me the love of hunting, fishing, and a deep-rooted appreciation for all things outdoors. I often deer hunted, trapped and upland hunted with friends as well, but it was the unmistakable sound of wind rushing through the wings of waterfowl that became the foundation of who I am today.

I attended college in Kirksville, MO at Truman State University. The area is rich with outdoor opportunities, and I spent countless hours in the field throughout my time there. I spent a short time in the Minors playing for the San Diego Padres, and although it was a great experience, I figured out I'd rather hunt ducks than hit fastballs. When Spring Turkeys are all you can think about at Spring Training...the answer is obvious!


I now live in north central Missouri with my wife, Kate, and our daughters, Vivian and Victoria. I work April through October managing the many farms that comprise Habitat Flats, while the remainder of the year is spent sharing my love of waterfowl hunting with guests from all over the world.  To watch the fruits of our labor in the off season result in the descent of thousands of migrating waterfowl every's a satisfaction I cannot describe. Habitat Flats now has two operations in Missouri, featuring our newest lodge, The Grand. We also run fall hunts September through October in Saskatchewan. In March 2021, we are proud to present Habitat Flats Kennels, the newest division of the Habitat Flats brand. 

For some, waterfowl season is defined by dates on a calendar. For me, it is a passion that lasts year round. The sweat equity invested into the habitat management is just as rewarding as the hunting itself; it is truly a labor of love.

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