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Executive Producers:

Tony & Kate Vandemore


Debuting in July 2019, Habitat Flats pulled back the curtain and took hunting enthusiasts into a day in the life of a Habitat Flats guide. Follow Tony and the boys through the ups and downs of each year - from building blinds through the varied waterfowl seasons comprising a Habitat Flats year. 

As fans of Habitat Flats know them, #TeamHF is one incredible bunch of characters - in every meaning of the word. And their personalities are about as varied as their hometowns. From the more serious of demeanors to the incessant pranksters, there is no lack of entertainment from this crew. The brotherhood is real, and as with any brothers, there is camaraderie - and conflict.


It's not easy living in close quarters for 7 months, while also dealing with the pressures of changing guest personalities and demands. The cast of Habitat Flats has earned the hearts of their guests and international fanbase for 10 years. Glory Days promises to elevate viewers’ relationship with “The Boys” to an unprecedented level of behind-the-scenes understanding. Let the laughs and drama begin.